Rhinoplasty: Reasons, Risk, Procedure, and Recovery

Rhinoplasty refers to the nose reshaping surgery to change its shape. The surgery is done on cartilage or bone. Almost everyone gets rhinoplasty surgery.

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgery. One is reconstructive surgery, and the other is cosmetic surgery. In reconstructive surgery, the original forms and functions are restored. Whereas in cosmetic surgery, the nose undergoes plastic surgery to change its appearance.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty:

This nose plastic surgery is beneficial to beautify your nose. Other than this, it has several other reasons that people get this nose reshaping surgery.

Some of those reasons include:

  • Changing the size
  • Changing the angle
  • Straighten the bridge
  • Nose tip reshaping
  • Nostrils’ narrowing

In case you have had an accident and your nose has been poorly affected, then rhinoplasty surgery is the best option. Also, you can get this surgery if you are suffering from any breathing problem.

For all those looking for the best rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad, Ambrosia Clinic is the most preferred by all. But, you should understand that you should get this surgery after you are fully grown. For girls, it is 15 years, and that of boys depends upon their body.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

With every surgery, there are some risks. Similarly, in rhinoplasty surgery, there are some risks. But you can prevent many of them by taking several precautions. Some of the risks are:

  • Infection
  • Reaction of anaesthesia
  • Scarring of nose
  • Irregular nose-bleeding
  • Asymmetrical nose

If you are unsatisfied with your first surgery, then you can go for a second one. But, before that, you should wait for the first one to heal completely.

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

It would be best if you do not directly approach a clinic to get your nose surgery done. It is because you never know if your body is ready to undergo surgery.

 Hence, we recommend you visit a good clinic and make an appointment with the surgeon. Ambrosia Clinic is the most reliable & trusted clinic which provides rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad.

This appointment is crucial because:

  • Your surgeon conducts a physical test to see if your body is ready to accept the surgery.
  • He/she also takes your medication-related information.
  • Surgeons also recommend other possible surgeries that you could undergo.
  • You have to abide by several rules for two weeks, like avoiding painkillers and not smoking.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

There are not many steps in nose surgery and include just the usual procedure. Let us discuss the step-by-step approach to rhinoplasty surgery.

  • The surgery starts with the numbing of the areas around your nose. Your surgeon gives you anaesthesia either by an injection or by the patient inhaling the drug directly.
  • As soon as the anaesthesia starts working, the surgeon begins making cuts on the required area.
  • The surgeons remove the skin from your bone. After that, the reshaping work begins. Every time there’s a need for extra cartilage, surgeons take it from your ears or the interior part of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Bandage on patients nose after Rhinoplasty surgery

The surgery takes about 1-2 hours to complete. For more complicated surgeries, the completion time might vary.

As soon as your surgery completes, the surgeon places a metallic or plastic splint on the patient’s nose to retain its shape. This splint stays in the area for about one week.

After that, you are under observation in a recovery room for few hours. When surgeons are sure that your condition is normal, you can get back to your home.

There are some precautions that you should take like:

  • Resisting yourself from swimming
  • Not brushing roughly
  • Blowing your nose
  • Keeping your facial expressions calm
  • Avoiding clothes that you have to wear by pulling them from your head


You can get nose surgery if you have some issues related to its shape or any breathing problem. The nose is that part of your body that can either enhance your beauty or worsen it.

Hence, it would be best if you must choose a clinic that has experienced surgeons. You can find one such clinic in Hyderabad, which is Ambrosia Clinic. This clinic has 10 years of experience, and no customer has ever felt unsatisfied with his/her first surgery.

The cost in India starts from Rs. 40,000, which is for a basic rhinoplasty. For higher-level surgeries, the charge may vary from anywhere between 1.2 to 2 lakhs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an appointment with Ambrosia and become a better version of yourself.

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