Is Breast Reduction Surgery for Males Effective And Safe?

Are you tired of seeing your disfigured body due to large breasts? Don’t worry. We have brought for all our male friends a perfect solution to your large breast size. The key is called breast reduction.” 

After going through this, you will be able to understand the benefit of this surgery. Also, you will acknowledge yourself about the procedure, preparation, and precautions related to this. 

So, let us discuss it in detail.

What do you Mean by Mammoplasty Surgery?

Reduction mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery for males, is used to remove excess fat, tissue, and muscles from your breasts. The only aim behind this reduction surgery is to decrease the size of breasts. 

There is no gender barrier to get this surgery. Women who are suffering from back pain and other issues caused due to oversized breasts can get surgery. Similarly, men who are facing a disfigured body can get this surgery. The problem of big breasts in men is called “Gynaecomastia,” meaning “women-like breasts.” This surgery makes a man’s breasts look more masculine. 

Here, we will talk only about mammoplasty (breast reduction surgery for males).

However, it is always suggested that you should take the doctors’ advice first and then further actions. You can also visit Ambrosia clinic, the leading gynecomastia surgery clinic in Hyderabad, headed by Dr Priti Shukla, having more than nineteen years of experience in this industry.

The Reason why Mammoplasty Surgery is Essential:

Most of the men are not having a perfect figure due to their irregular breast shape and size. This irregularity might be due to hormones, age, or drugs & alcohol.

Today, as more and more men know about this surgery, they have understood that now they need not live with a disfigured body. Reduction mammoplasty has entered their life like a ray of hope.

The other reason behind people getting this surgery is that they can start attending their offices after the first week. Though, harsh activities are a big NO-NO.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Effective on one Side and Safe on the other?

Reduction surgery of breasts is an effective and safe way to get a perfect body figure. There have been several surveys to check its success. The result that came was outstanding. 95% of the patients reported a positive effect of the surgery. If you are fulfilling all the surgery requirements like age, health, etc., it will remain a boon for you.

Coming to the risks, infection always remains an obvious risk in any surgery. Also, the use of anaesthesia can result in your body reacting to it abnormally. 

Other than this, there are risks like asymmetricity, vanished fat tissue in the breast region, and low or no sensation in nipples. Though the chance is meagre, we must tell you that it can even cause the death of the nipple’s skin resulting in its removal. 

How Can you be Prepared for this Breast Surgery for Males?

Before you get the surgery for breast reduction, your doctor will give you a checkup, including your health. He is the one who decides if you need anaesthesia or not. Few days before you get the surgery, you should not consume useless drugs like aspirin. On the day of surgery, you must remain on an empty stomach (without food and water) until the surgery is successful. 

What is the procedure followed for Breast Reduction Surgery:

Just like all other surgeries, the doctor will give you anaesthesia. As soon as anaesthesia starts working, they make the first cut around the pigmented area of the nipple. This cut is mage till the underside of the breast. Then they start removing the excess tissue, fat, and muscle. Mostly, surgeons leave the nipple as it is. But, sometimes, they need to change their location. The complete surgery takes around 1-2 hours.

Recovery For Breast Reduction Surgery:

After the successful completion of the breast reduction surgery, you will see yourself wrapped up in bandages. There will be drainage tubes that will remove excess fluid from the swellings. You need not do anything; consult your doctor regarding removing the applications. 

Try not to move a lot in the early days of your surgery, especially for one week. You might feel a bit uncomfortable and painful at the start so that you can have some medication after consultation with the doctor. 


Having gynecomastia surgery is a perfect idea to get a fantastic body figure for people having big breasts. There have been multiple surveys that prove the surgery to be successful. Though there are several complications, you won’t face any if you take care of its requirements. 

Remember that choosing a good and reliable clinic for this is the first step towards successful surgery. If you cannot find or rely on a clinic, you can depend on and select Ambrosia Clinic, which is one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Hyderabad. People have never lost their faith in the good services that they provide. 

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