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Female genital cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries are increasingly in demand for the discerning modern woman who wishes to be the best version of herself. Among the many treatments on offer, Dr. Priti Shukla of Ambrosia Clinic, one of the premier plastic surgery clinics in Hyderabad trusted by thousands; each case is personally evaluated for its medical or emotional need.

Female genitals can be beautified or rejuvenated by a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. These surgeries are performed at any age after 18 years of age. Most of these procedures are daycare and minor procedures. There is no scarring or telltale signs of surgery.

Vaginal treatments at Ambrosia Clinic in Hyderabad:

Designer Vagina

Youthful vagina and female external genital area change its appearance with age, childbirth, with weight gain or weight loss. The female external genitalia includes pubic area, outer labia (labia majora), inner labia (labia minora), hymen and vagina.

Some discerning women are choosing genital piercing and designer pubic hair removal to enhance the beauty of the female genitalia. Much more can be done with plastic surgery and by filler or fat injections. Pubic lift surgery can be done to contour the pubis; outer labia can be made to look plumper with a filler or fat injection and labia minora can be trimmed if they are too big and hanging. The vagina can be made tighter by surgery, and a new hymen can be reconstructed

Vaginoplasty - Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty surgery is done to tighten the vagina that became loose after childbirth or with age. Vaginoplasty surgery in Hyderabad at Ambrosia clinic is done under local anesthesia painlessly and takes less than an hour to perform. Vaginal muscles are tightened using stitches that are self-absorbable. After surgery, no bed rest is required, and pain is not much. Complete healing takes months and therefore sexual intercourse is to be avoided during this time.

Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

The hymen is a delicate membrane of mucosa at the entry of the vagina which may get broken due to trauma or during intercourse. If necessary, the hymen can be reconstructed by plastic surgery. Hymenoplasty surgery in Hyderabad at Ambrosia clinic is done under local anesthesia as a daycare procedure. The torn edges of the hymen are sutured together with fine absorbable sutures to reconstruct the hymen. The recovery usually takes about a week, and the sutures get dissolved, without any visible signs of surgery. The hymen is as normal as it is without any surgery. Additional surgeries like vaginal tightening and rejuvenation can be done at the same time if required.

Vaginal Labia Reduction

A Vagina Labia Reduction commonly known as ‘Labiaplasty’ is a surgical modification to reduce the size of the (labia minora or labia majora), the skin flaps on the sides of the vaginal opening. The labia vary significantly and can change as a result of childbirth and ageing. A vagina labia reduction can help in recontouring the look of the labia as per your expectations.

Genital Piercing

Female Genital piercing is a type of body piercing that involves piercing the genitalia, creating a suitable area for wearing a variety of jewellery that suits the area without causing discomfort.


When should labiaplasty be considered?

Some women have excess skin and tissue near the inner labia that may cause underwear friction, rashes, chafing or skin irritation due to the enlarged labia. At times this may also cause difficulty during passing urine. On the other end of the spectrum, with age women face shrinkage of the labia majora and elongation of the minora due to menopause. Plumper looking labia majora (a sign of youthfulness in a woman) may be achieved with fat injections while some may need labia majora reduction too. The best approach would be to consult a plastic surgeon of repute who can guide your decision making based on your symptoms.

What causes a woman to have large, oversized labia?
The shape and size of the labia may change due to ageing, childbirth, puberty, sexual intercourse or genetics. What needs to be remembered is that hormone fluctuations in women play a vital role in the shape and size change of the labia – puberty may lead to increase in size while menopause can cause thinning of the labia majora and elongation and slack labia minora and clitoris.
Is labiaplasty a medical necessity?
Although an elective cosmetic procedure, labiaplasty does have medical advantages for women if the labia minora is causing discomfort especially when wearing tight clothes, or certain activities such as biking, horse riding etc. For some women, reducing the size of the labia minora may aid with reducing the probabilities of UTI (urinary tract infection).
When should one consider vaginoplasty?

If as a woman you are facing any of the following, you ought to consult a plastic surgeon for corrective surgery:

  • Decreased friction and sensation during sex
  • Feeling of a wider, loose, and smooth vagina
  • Tampons falling out
  • Bbowel movement issues
  • Gas noises coming from your vagina during intercourse
  • Vaginal widening especially post childbirth.
Does vaginal rejuvenation improve orgasms?
Vaginal rejuvenation procedure definitely improves orgasm, since the tightening helps increase friction during intercourse.
How soon can one have sex after vaginal rejuvenation?
For any surgical procedure to be successful one must allow the body the natural time to heal. Post vaginoplasty, you are advised to wait for atleast 6 weeks before resuming sexual intercourse. Since the entire idea of undergoing the procedure is to heighten sexual pleasure, you need to maintain the post procedure advice and after care for optimal results.
What are the risks of female genital surgeries?

Just as there are always risks involved in most surgical procedures, the most common among female genital surgeries are:

  • Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction:
    • Poor, or protracted healing process
    • Incision separation
    • Ongoing pain with sexual intimacy
    • Cosmetic results not up to expectations
  • Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation:
    • Poor or protracted healing
    • Over- or under-tightening (if over-tightened expect a 1-3 month time-frame of progressive stretching exercises to put things right.)
    • Injury to bladder or bowel
    • Infection/abscess
    • Results not up to expectations

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